Ebiquity in the press: From Coca-Cola to HSBC: LGBTQ representation in advertising


Martin Broad, Head of Communications Insight at Ebiquity recent report on ‘LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer) representation in advertising’ has been featured on Warc.

Martin and his team of analysts examine the state of play of LGBTQ advertising and question whether marketing has progressed as much as it thinks. The key questions featured are:

To what extent has the industry succeded and failed in portraying LGBTQ people in comms? Are LGBTQ consumers truly integrated into the communications spectrum, or have we been guilty of paying ‘lip service’ to LGBTQ issues? Who are the outliers, and what can we learn from the industry’s failings?

To read the report in full on Warc’s website, please click here

First featured on 26/07/2017


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