Ebiquity Australia launches 2016 Australian Advertisers Report


We are pleased to present our fourth annual top 50 advertisers report. The report provides independent advertising monitoring and analysis on the Top 50 Advertisers in Australian Main Media.

The report includes:

Top Fifty Advertisers:
We focus on the big advertisers and their brand messages, including some of the higher profile campaigns, were top of mind that captured the media space.




Top Fifty Categories:
Finding out the leading categories for 2016, their shift in media investment, and movement in the ranking compared to the previous year.




Media Focus:
Get a deep analysis on leading brands and categories by media – Television, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines and Online Banners.




Feature Reports:
We focus on some of the key issues covering;

  • The rise of fake news and its impact on advertisers
  • Summary of the 2016 election advertising campaigns
  • A look at the first round of the Payback Australia Study



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