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This past year has seen advertisers focus on ensuring better transparency from their media agencies in terms of the quality of inventory they receive and of course, the cost of that inventory. But as a fragmented medium, the issue of transparency extends further than just getting visibility into the inner workings of your media agency. In many instances, advertisers use specialist partners to deliver bespoke or emerging channel solutions such as mobile, social or native as well as the creative and production process that is undertaken to deliver ads through digital means.

At FirmDecisions we believe that it’s vital for an advertiser to get transparency into the supply chain and we work hard to provide that insight through detailed audits of the contractual relationships brands have with their agency partners. With over 4,500 agency audits under our belt, across 70 different markets over the last 17 years, we believe our knowledge and experience in this specialist area is unsurpassed.

In this update, we highlight some of the issues around transparency in digital and importantly share with you our best practice solutions for getting visibility into your digital investment.

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Head of Digital, The Americas

Federica Aperio is Managing Director – Digital at FirmDecisions. She joined FirmDecisions from sister company Ebiquity where she held positions as Head of Digital – International and Head of Digital – North America, over a period of 5½ years. She started her digital media career in 2000 working at EHS Brann, and then moved to digital specialist agencies iLevel and Agency Republic before spending a number of years in the ad network business. Federica was the Head of International Supply for and subsequently became Managing Director of Fox Networks in the UK, growing the business from start-up to integration into the broader Fox International Channels business.

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